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With boundless creativity at our disposal, we take pride in crafting medals that truly shine. Our artisans pour their hearts into every piece, carefully selecting a rich palette of colours and designing captivating spatial forms.

Whether it’s showcasing various sports or capturing the essence of iconic podiums, we ensure that each detail is meticulously attended to with a handpick a neck ribbon that perfectly complements the medal.

our medals.

Layer 1 Medals and Trophies


  • Round
  • One-sided uv printing
  • Without cut-outs
  • Materials:┬áPlexiglas, steel, plywood, cardboard
Layer 2 Medals and Trophies


  • Any shape
  • One or double-sided uv printing
  • Any cut-outs
  • Materials: Standard + engraving laminate, mirror
Layer 3 Medals and Trophies


  • Any shape
  • One or double-sided uv printing
  • Any cut-outs
  • Materials: Premium + possibility of gilding or silvering


a piece of art.

Trophies hold a special place in our hearts, symbolising achievement and commemorating milestones. They serve as tangible reminders of hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

With their unique shapes, distinctive spatial forms, and the fusion of diverse materials, trophies become more than just objects; they become works of art. We take great pride in crafting one-of-a-kind trophies that will be cherished and admired, tailored specifically for you and your extraordinary accomplishments.

statuetki Medals and Trophies

our trophies.

Layer 4 Medals and Trophies
Layer 5 Medals and Trophies
Layer 6 e1687270925748 Medals and Trophies


  • Height up to 250 mm
  • Up to 2 elements + base + plate
  • Simple cut-outs
  • Materials: Steel, glass, plexiglass, wood


  • Height up to 350 mm
  • Up to 3 elements + base + plate
  • Cut-outs without restrictions
  • Materials standard + gres tile, recycled and eco


  • Height unlimited
  • Unlimited panels / elements
  • Cut-outs without restrictions
  • Materials: premium + additional elements as agreed, e.g. gliding, lighting

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